Performance management software

Our simple and effective HR solution for company appraisals

Saving time and unnecessary paperwork, freeing yourself from time-consuming tasks.
Enhanced your HR Talent Management
Easily set-up your own templates to suit your company needs

Why Qrew?

It saves you 60% of the time spent on employee appraisals, so you can focus on the essentials

Manage your talent management campaigns

Manage your campaigns

Schedule talent management campaigns and track your progress using the Qrew HR dashboard .

Analize from employee appraisal software

Quick & easy way to process data

Easily analyze and process data from interviews: reviews skills, objectives, training needs …

Engage your employees with a Performance management Software

Engage your employees

Your employees have real-time access to their career path and become actors in their own professional success.


All features to digitize employee talent and optimize your HR processes

HR Interviews

  • Create HR campaigns
  • Customized employee review templates
  • E-signature
  • Excel data export
  • Print interviews
  • Campaign follow-up


  • Create a framework for capabilities
  • Set expected levels
  • Employee and team assessments
  • Assessment by managers
  • Skills mapping
  • 360° assessment


  • Create goals
  • Continuous goal tracking
  • Individual objectives
  • Team and department goals
  • Access to goal history


  • Needs analysis
  • Process requests
  • Export with filters
  • Skills development plan
  • Access history

Experts at your service

Customized Support


Our team is at your disposal via email from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.
Proactive response whether you are an HR Manager, Leader or employee. .


Our help desk, The Qrew Academy, is at your disposal,  accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will also have access to Qrew tutorials on its use and features.

example of permormance management campaign

Save time and peace of mind with Qrew, our performance management software

Trial Qrew for free, our Employee Performance management software.

Our solution is a workflow automated solution turning your workplace into a more streamlined and efficient environment allowing room for accelerated growth. It also ensures the security and durability of any integrated data

Save time from Take-Off

Save time from Take-Off with our performance review software

We offer assistance in importing your data, creating your interview and appraisal templates and training your users (tailor-made explanatory videos, live webinars).

Why digitize individual interviews?

Send forms, regular reminders to managers and employees, collect data, followed by data analysis…

Managing employee review campaigns are particularly tedious and time-consuming and at times complex. Our Qrew solution simplifies your annual and professional appraisals.

What’s Qrew all about? Performance management software, easy to use and effective, freeing you from time-consuming tasks.

You can easily track the career paths of employees and save time on the management of your Manager/employee reviews. .

logiciel de gestion des entretiens individuels des salariés

Key features !! Qrew allows you to:

  • manage your campaigns: in just a few clicks, you can schedule employee review campaigns and track progress using the HR dashboard;
  • centralize your reviews to evaluate employees in order to manage them more efficiently, fostering engagement;
  • process data with ease: you can easily analyze and process data from appraisals (skills, objectives, training needs, etc.);
  • engage employees: your employees have real-time access to their career paths and become actors in their own careers.

Digitize your individual collaborator interviews and save 60% of time!

No more long and tedious spreadsheets… Digitize all your employee interviews saving you time to focus on the essentials.

The benefits of interview management software

Save 60% of your time

Qrew saves you up to 60% of time in your interview management, allowing you to focus on the essentials.

Data Safety

Qrew software SaaS platform, compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your data is therefore completely secure.

All types of reviews

Qrew allows you to manage all types of reviews, whether individual, team, peer, annual, mid-year, quarterly, monthly…

Benefit from features optimizing your HR processes

Depending on your needs, our Qrew software offers many features aimed at optimizing talent, training and skills management. Qrew will help you improve your company’s HR policy and performance.

Review employee performance management software
  • Interviews: create campaigns using interview templates, monitor results, e-signature, print interviews, etc…
  • Skills : you can create a repository, a capabilities map, deploy employee self-assessment, manager assessment, 360° assessment…
  • Objectives : you can create individual team and/or team goals, monitor them continuously, access history…
  • Training : collect training needs, draw up a capabilities development plan, process requests …

Performance management software: How to choose?

10 tips for choosing an performance management software

Here are 10 tips for choosing the right Performance management software.

  • Choose interview management software that corresponds and adapts to your needs.
  • Equip yourself with the most useful features such as:
    • Save and later resume filling out forms.

    • Allow managers to easily access appraisal history.

    • Easily remind employees and managers who have not prepared for their reviews.

    • Follow up with people who have not validated their assessments.

    • Receive alerts on high-risk profiles.

  • Choose SaaS mode, an essential tool.

  • Opt for an ergonomic solution, easy to use, accessible from a PC, a tablet or a mobile.

  • Make sure it is accessible to everyone (HR, managers and employees alike).

  •  Plan for it to be able to integrate with other HRIS software.

  •  Implement a simple automation tool, integrated with HR management software.

  •  Facilitate your HR management with a dashboard for producing reports and figures.

  •  Choose a service provider who knows the business.

  •  Consider the quality level and turn-around time of customer support.

functionalities of performance management software